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Multi-font Text Example

Traduce esto al español usando el menú en la parte superior derecha de la página web.

Dịch phần này sang tiếng Việt bằng menu ở trên cùng bên phải của trang web.


웹페이지 오른쪽 상단 메뉴를 이용하여 한국어로 번역하세요.

Press the plus ("+") signs to read about the types of projects being recommended.

Then, provide input on the interactive maps.

On the maps:

-Press the "i" button above the maps for a key of the icons used on the maps.

-Select the "Layers" button in the top left of each map to toggle between the different project types.

Feedback will be used by the study team to understand what types of improvements users are interested in to prepare for future funding opportunities.